Annual Meeting 2018
Copenhagen: Staying in and Moving About

Copenhagen: Staying in and Moving About


Copenhagen offers many options, from hotels to hostels and Airbnb. The hotels below are all close to the conference venue (at Thorvaldsensvej 40, Frederiksberg – see more details below) – but any accommodation near the metro lines will quickly bring you to the venue as well.

FLARE coincides with Danish holidays, so we recommend you to book early!


Cabinn Scandinavia Hotel: https://www.cabinn.com/hotel/sca-hotel-koebenhavn-copenhagen
Cabinn Express Hotel: https://www.cabinn.com/hotel/koebenhavn-express
Scandic Copenhagen Hotel: http://scandic-copenhagen.copenhagen-hotel.net/en/
Avenue Hotel: http://www.brochner-hotels.dk/hotel-avenue-copenhagen/
Hotel Sct. Thomas: http://www.hotelsctthomas.dk/index.php?page=home&hl=en_US
Ibsens Hotel: http://www.arthurhotels.dk/ibsens-hotel/
Hotel Kong Arthur: http://www.arthurhotels.dk/hotel-kong-arthur/
Bertrams Hotel: https://guldsmedenhotels.com/bertrams/


Globalhagen: http://globalhagen.dk/
Woodah: http://woodah-hostel.com/
Sleep In Heaven: http://www.sleepinheaven.com/
Danhostel Copenhagen City: https://danhostelcopenhagencity.dk/en


If you are interested in room sharing opportunities, see this shared google doc: FLARE TLRS Participants Room Sharing Connections.



Public transportation

From the airport:

The quickest and cheapest way into the city from the airport is via the metro. All the Metro trains go in the same direction from the airport (M2 to Vanløse Station), so you do not have to worry about getting on the wrong train!

In addition, there are buses and trains. It takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the city centre by train or metro; the train runs every 10-15 minutes, while the metro runs every 5 minutes.

Tickets for trains and metro can be bought at the metro station and at the DSB ticket sales counter in Terminal 3 (just walk straight out from Arrivals and you will quickly reach trains on the ground floor, metro just up the escalator). Please note that the ticket machines only accept coins and all major credit cards, not notes. To get into the city centre you will need a 3-zone ticket (36 DKK).

Train travel within Europe: To reach the venue from the Central Railway Station (Köbenhavn H) take bus no. 2A (Direction: Tingbjerg, which will be displayed on the bus) leaving from the bus stand immediately outside the station. Buses leaves every 5 minutes and the ride lasts approximately 15 minutes. Get off the bus at Faculty of Science (In Danish: “Landbohöjskolen”). You can ask the driver to indicate to you when to get off.

In the city

The following webpage is useful for checking public transportation options, times and prices: http://journeyplanner.dk/


Public transport in Copenhagen is mostly fast and efficient, though a bit expensive. Buses, metro trains and S-trains all run on the same tickets. Using train or metro you will have to buy a ticket before entering. You can buy this from the ticket machines at the stations or at 7-Eleven kiosks. In the bus you can also buy the ticket from the driver – remember cash. You can also buy a ticket via the app “Mobilbilletter Hovedstaden” in App Store or Google Play. Travelling without a ticket you risk a fine of 750 DKK.

A single 2-zone ticket will cost you 24 DKK. You can also buy a City Pass that gives you unlimited travel in zones 1-4 for 24 hours for 80 DKK, and cheaper still if you buy for a longer period of time. The City Pass will have to be ordered online and pre-paid with a credit card. It also covers travels to and from the airport.


Taxis all have meters and are very expensive. From the airport it will cost approximately 250-300 DKK. Uber is currently not operating in Denmark.

Bicycle rental

Biking is an excellent way of getting around in Copenhagen. There are countless rental shops. Below we have just listed a few as examples.

Bycyklen: Public bicycles can be rented for 25 DDK per hour from special bicycle racks across the city centre. See more details here: www.bycyklen.dk/en/.

Donkey Bikes: 1 day for 100 DKK or 3 days for 240 DKK https://www.donkey.bike/?utm_campaign=mapcity1&utm_medium=maps&utm_source=google&utm_content=hub119

Copenhagen Bikes: 24 hours for 110 DKK http://copenhagenbikes.dk/

Ask the rental shop assistant to give you an introduction to the rules and customs when biking in Copenhagen! Here are the city’s ‘official’ biking rules in English: http://international.kk.dk/sites/international.kk.dk/files/i_bike_turistfolder_engelsk-tysk.pdf

Conference location

Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen Thorvaldsensvej 40, 1871 Frederiksberg

Arriving at the Venue

By metro:
Forum St. is the closest metro station to the venue and both metro lines (M1 and M2) stop here. It is a 5-10 minute walk from the station to the conference venue. Out of the metro station, turn left and walk along Rosenørns Allé (which becomes Rolighedsvej) for two blocks. At the second intersection turn left at Bülowsvej and you now have the university campus at your right side. When you reach Thorvaldsensvej, you turn right, and the venue is immediately on your right hand side (look for the FLARE signboards). See map.

The venue is also close to the Frederiksberg metro station.

By bus

From the central railway station you can take bus no. 2A (in the direction of Tingbjerg) to the stop called “Science fakultetet” (Faculty of Science) on Rolighedsvej. Off the bus, you turn right to the intersection where you turn right again and follow Bülowsvej. After 200 m you reach the intersection with Thorvaldsensvej and you turn right and the venue is immediately on your right hand side (look for the FLARE signboards), Busses run approximately every 5-10 minutes.

In-Country Information


Danish kroner (DKK or kr.) are the currency in Denmark and other currencies are not accepted. Most shops and restaurants accept foreign credit cards (but may change a fee), but smaller shops and cafes may not. It is therefore advisable to carry some cash in Danish kroner. You can withdraw cash from ATM machines all around the city centre. Banks are open from 10am to 4 pm on weekdays. There are a number of currency exchange shops at the airport and in the city centre with longer opening hours.


Information on tourist sights and attractions can be found at www.visitcopenhagen.com.


Average temperature for Copenhagen in October is 10°C (50°F). Be sure to bring a heavy coat and sweater. Rain showers are frequent, and you should also bring an umbrella or rain jacket with you. Local weather forecasts can be found at: http://www.dmi.dk/vejr/til-lands/byvejr/by/vis/DK/1000/K%C3%B8benhavn,%20Danmark/


Normal opening hours for shops are Monday to Friday from 10am to 6 pm (supermarkets often 8 or 9 am to 10 pm), Saturdays from 10am to 4 pm. Sunday most shops are closed, albeit many shops in the city centre will remain open.

Restaurants and cafes

For food and drinks you might find inspiration in the following link: https://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/gastronomy/eat-drink

On the days of the conference, coffee/tea, snacks and lunches will be provided. On Friday the 19th there is a conference dinner at Skuespilhuset. Arrival details will be provided at the conference.

Map containing all above mentioned hotels, venues, transport, and bike rental: https://goo.gl/maps/VjGUpy5n5hN2