Annual Meeting 2017
Group Discussion on the Future of Forest Work

Group Discussion on the Future of Forest Work

We invite you to join us at the FLARE 2017 conference for a discussion on the Future of forest work and communities discussion: What are the prospects for meaningful work for today’s young people in forest communities? Here you will learn more about the working group, our approach, and our activities; share your knowledge and experience; and help to determine future goals and directions.

The group is now in its second year, and has launched a series of workshops with young people in forest communities around the world. Workshops are scheduled in Mexico, Canada, Bolivia, The Philippines, Nepal, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Uganda. We hope to expand our network to new communities and countries in the coming year, and welcome those interested in hosting a youth visioning workshop to use this methodology.

FLARE Discussion goals and format (15-25 participants, 1.5-2 hours):

  1. Renew and reconstitute the group.
  2. Provide an update and intro for new people interested in the group.
  3. Generate new ideas and understanding of different contexts and examples.
  4. Invite new members and plot future actions and opportunities.


  1. Welcome/introductions.
  2. Reviewing the working group mission and initiatives to date.
  3. Working group presentations/updates (workshop overview and preliminary results).
  4. Open floor discussion, questions, etc.
  5. Discuss and define next steps.

Use THIS LINK to sign up for the discussion.