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Reem joined IFRI in February 2015 as a postdoctoral research fellow. Using a multi-level forest governance lens, her research interests focus on policies and institutions that affect community-based forest management as a tool for poverty alleviation and sustainable landscapes, primarily in developing countries. She has a PhD in forestry from the University of British Columbia, and past projects include examinations of: power imbalances in, and bottom-up approaches to, community forestry initiatives; enabling environments for small-scale forest enterprises, particularly under REDD+ and FLEGT; the role of producer associations in advancing small-scale forestry and the continued legitimacy of that role; and motivations and challenges in recruiting smallholders and communities to forest certification schemes. At IFRI, Reem will be involved in projects on certification programs to enhance environmental and social sustainability of cattle ranching in Brazil, a systematic review of community forestry outcomes, forest governance in southeast Michigan, and evaluating impacts of forest investments in five different countries.


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