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Cristy Watkins is the Research Manager for the University of Michigan Collaborating Research Center of the International Forestry Resources and Institutions (IFRI) network and Forests and Livelihoods: Assessment, Research, and Engagement (FLARE) network, at the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. She is an environmental social scientist with an interest in human dimensions of natural resource management, specifically in forested areas. She obtained her undergraduate degree and master’s degree in anthropology, and her PhD natural resources and environment at the University of Michigan (SNRE). Using collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches, she has explored how people, as individuals and as groups, make decisions about resource management and what the outcomes of those decisions are. She has conducted research in national, international, rural, and urban contexts. As the research manager for IFRI, Cristy coordinates a variety of research and outreach projects undertaken by IFRI and FLARE, including annual, international conferences, journal special issues, and research project partnerships. She is also an Associate Editor for the World Development journal.


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