The FLARE Secretariat moved to a new home at the University of Notre Dame in August 2021. Dr. Daniel C. Miller, Associate Professor of Environmental Policy in the Keough School of Global Affairs, is the new FLARE Coordinator. He is joined in the Secretariat by Mr. Brian Wanbaugh, new FLARE Program Manager, along with Dr. Festus Amadu and Dr. Katia Nakamura, FLARE Postdoctoral Research Associates, and Mr. Mohammad Farrae, Graduate Student Research Assistant.  The FLARE Secretariat is excited about this new chapter and grateful for the outstanding support and example the previous FLARE Secretariat, Dr. Arun Agrawal and Dr. Cristy Watkins, at the University of Michigan, has provided during this transition. At Notre Dame, the Secretariat thanks the Keough School of Global Affairs, the Environmental Change Initiative, and the Office of Research for their support.