Resources for the Forests and Livelihood Community

FLARE Livelihoods and Well-being Tool (LivWell)

FLARE’s Livelihoods and Well-being tool (LivWell) provides a low-cost, convenient method for estimating the household livelihood and well-being impacts of projects, policies, and other forest-related interventions.

FLARE Community Forestry Mobile Application (CommFor)

The CommFor Tool provides effective, low cost monitoring of the performance of community forestry interventions, and generates multi-country data on community forestry.

FLARE Household Survey Core Module

FLARE offers a household survey core module for use in several impact evaluation projects. This module is a comprehensive survey instrument designed to collect a variety of data.

Circular Flow Diagrams

This tool can be used to study bilateral relationships in a network. For example, in the case of REDD+, researchers can use flow diagrams to visualize the amount of investment from investor countries and host countries. In the case of global timber trade, researchers can use this tool to investigate which countries are buying timber from where.