FLARE 2024 - Rome

Photo by Wolfgang Moroder, licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 2.5.

The 2024 FLARE Annual Meeting will be held in Rome, Italy, 3-7 October, 2024, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway.

2024 Annual Meeting Theme

Imagination and Innovation for Forests and Livelihoods

Forests are under strain across the globe from new and long-standing pressures. So, too, many of the hundreds of millions of people who enjoy and depend on forests for their well-being. The way forward to understand and tackle challenges to forests and people will require imagination. Innovation will also be important. But innovation comes in many forms and some claims to novelty may not be so innovative if a wider lens or longer historical view is taken.  Still, other socio-technological developments-- advances in remote sensing, artificial intelligence, drones, blockchain, and more-- are clearly new.  What is the effect of such innovations? What is their promise or peril? How are they reshaping what we might imagine about the relationship between forests, trees, and people? 

As FLARE celebrates its 10th Anniversary, assessing the past while looking to the future of forests and livelihoods, we invite reflections on these and other questions relating to the theme of “Imagination and Innovation.” 

2024 Annual Meeting Sub-Themes

  • Forests and trees in a just climate transition
  • Human well-being, poverty and forests
  • Forest landscape restoration: challenges and opportunities
  • Social justice in the forest: Rights, power, and collaboration
  • Data and methods for understanding forests and human well-being
  • Teaching and learning on forest livelihoods
  • Forest governance from local to global
  • Beyond the forest: trees and human well-being from farm to city
  • Forest conservation: commons and contestation
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    March 15

    Abstract submission deadline

    April 16

    Abstract decision notifications released

    April 22

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    May 24

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    October 3-7

    10th Annual Meeting

    2024 Coordination Committee

    Lucas Alencar, University of Manchester

    Achille Assogbadjo, University of Abomey-Calavi 

    Rayna BenzeevUniversity of California, Berkeley

    Lawrence Brobbey, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

    Rachel Carmenta, University of East Anglia

    Peter Cronkleton, CIFOR-ICRAF

    Ida N. S. Djenontin, Pennsylvania State University

    Amy Duchelle, Food and Agriculture Organization

    Apurva Duddu, Yale University

    J.T Erbaugh, Dartmouth College

    Lorenza Fontana, University and Polytechnic of Turin

    Anja GassnerGlobal Landscapes Forum

    Santiago Izquierdo-Tort, Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas
    David Kroeker-Maus, Rights and Resources Initiative

    Fernanda Liberali, Pontific Catholic University of São Paulo

    Wenman Liu, University of Michigan

    Colleen Scanlan Lyons, University of Colorado Boulder

    Daniel Miller, University of Notre Dame

    Katia Nakamura, University of Notre Dame

    Rose Pritchard, University of Manchester
    Pushpendra Rana, Indian Forest Service

    Laura Vang Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen

    Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti, CIFOR-ICRAF

    Andrea M. Vasquez Fernandez, The University of British Columbia